Get a real feel for Puglia during your vacation, book an Artisan and Food Market Tour and discover the real Puglia. You will experience the authentic local artistic traditions with visits to local artists and craftsmen in their studios. or visits to the artisans and craftsmen workshops. Artisan Market Tours Puglia - crafts and food marketsPassed down from generation to generation, antique arts are practiced by artisans and sculptors. Lecce has a long tradition of Papier-maché, known as cartapesta, the first examples dating back to the 17th century. he Salento area and Grottaglie  are renowned for ceramic handicrafts. Evidence of the greatest splendour of the Leccese stone work is carved into the churches and palaces of Lecce. Contemporary artists make amazing modern furniture using the Leccese stone producing beautiful lamps, statues, tables and libraries. Puglia is renowned for lace and embroidery works, frequently utilized to decorate trousseaus and wedding dresses. Puglia has a tradition of fashion designers and stylists, today famous all over the world, who use the finest textiles to manufacture haute couture clothes. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you book your Artisan and Market Tour in advance of your holiday in one of our villas here in Puglia. However if you have already arrived it may not be too late, contact us and we will make enquiries and the booking for you.