Boats and boat trips in Puglia; is there a better way to make your holiday special. Imagine yourself on a hot sunny day on board a boat. The sea breezes, the sunshine, the beautiful coastlines. Can you think of a better way to make your Puglia vacation special? We have taken boat trips from Otranto, from Galipolli and from Monopoli. You get a completely different perspective of the Puglia coastline from on board.

A day out on the Adriatic or Ionian - Boat trips in Puglia Whether it’s rental boats or boat trips in Puglia  you are looking for, there is plenty to choose from.

With a rental boat you have the complete freedom to explore the coastline and grottos of Puglia. Boats of all types can be rented from small motor boats and sail-boats to catamarans complete with skipper.

Boats can be rented from a number of places within easy drive of our Puglia Holiday Villas.  Boat tours are also available from many of the ports up and down the coastline. We have listed some here but there are many many more. If you have a particularly good (or bad)  rental boats or boat trips experience in Puglia, we would love the hear from you.

For other suppliers of  boats and boat trips in Puglia try a listing site like Get My Boat, enter a location and explore the opportunities offered. We searched the Get My Boat website for Castro Marina and found a number of rental boats to choose from. Lots of research opportunities for us to enjoy and report back on!