In the ten years that we have lived in Puglia there has been a noticeable increase in the number of flights coming into both Bari and Brindisi. in 2005 RyanAir offered flights only from London Stansted into Bari and Brindisi. In 2016 RyanAir will be offering 12 routes and 79 flights a week to/from Brindisi and 20 routes with 128 flights a week to / from Bari. Bari to Rome flights are being increased to three a day, hopefully making connecting flights easiesr and definitely offering the opportunity to include a city break in Rome at the beginning or end of  seaside holidays in Puglia.

Easyjet now also offer direct flights into both Bari and Brindisi and the possibility of connecting flights from Milan.

We welcome the increase in flights to Brindisi, for our own personal convenience, and because it makes visiting Puglia easier for tourists and travellers alike.

BBC News have been looking at the impact of “towns transformed by budget airlines.”  Bari is mentioned :

Another city served by Easyjet is Bari, in the southern Italian region of Puglia. “It’s changed a lot,” says Silvia Zacchia, who works for a marketing agency in London but grew up in the town of Monopoli, near Bari.

“When the flights started coming, they realised that facilities had to be improved. It’s been prettified and there’s more going on. I just wish it had been like that when I was younger and lived there.

Bari is the capital of the Apulia region, known for its cheeses, wines and olive oil. “It’s still at the stage where, if you didn’t already know about it, you probably wouldn’t visit, although I’ve noticed some advertising on the Tube,” says Zacchia. “My only fear is that tourism could be overdone, turning the city into something like Magaluf. But there’s been nothing like that so far, and I can’t see it happening.

Concerns of potential over commercialism have certainly not been seen in practice. We live in a quiet location close to the Adriatic with three seaside holiday villages in close proximity. Over the last few years local businesses have put a lot of effort into extending facilities and smartening up their establishments. Happily it has all been done sympathetically and in accordance with local style and culture. Puglia still offers the opportunity to experience  the real feel of Southern Italy and to mingle with locals.

Puglia plans to improve coastal towns and increase tourismNow the local councils  are waking up to the opportunities to be had from improving facilities. A small example, the beach road between Torre San Gennaro and Lendinuso is being reinforced and improved, work is underway now (thankfully not in the height of the season).  This small project is part of a much larger project, the Torchiarolo Paesaggi Costieri project. A collaboration between Torchiarolo and the Region of Puglia,  intended to  “enhance, upgrade and safeguard the coastal landscape from the Marina of  Torre San Gennaro, incorporating Lido Presepe and Cipolla, to Lendinuso and Canuta. Much of the project objectives are environmental, aimed at restructuring communication roads alongside envirornmentally friendly pedestrian and cycling routes,

We welcome the initiative – the €64 million question …….. when will it happen? As always, here in Southern Italy, and in Puglia especially, these things can be very slow to come to fruition. At last, however, a step forward for our little corner of Perfect Puglia.