Casalabate Harbour

Many of the smaller holiday towns along the Adriatic coast are the summer residence of local Italians. They move from their winter homes, probably just a few kilometers away, to their summer home to take advantage of the sea breezes and the summer activities. Many of the houses in Casalabate are just such second homes with the residents of Squinzano moving in for the summer. Italians from further afield arrive too, renting a holiday home for the months of July and August. These Puglia holiday towns are very quiet out of season but come alive in the summer.

Situated on the Adriatic coast, lies the small market town of Casalabate. Just a few miles south of Brindisi and with Lecce, the Florence of the South, to the south-west, Casalabate is a typical small holiday town. The population of Casalabate and a 7 kilometre radius is approximately 26000, however this is greatly increased in the summer months when Italians and non Italians alike arrive for their vacation.

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Caslabate, morning stroll and coffee. A perfect way to start the day.Along the sea-front you will find cafe-bars, Bar Marulli is recommended, and the small beaches. Stroll along the promenade, take an icecream, a cappucino, a beer, a glass of wine on the open terrace and relax in complete tranquillity, listening only to the sounds of the Adriatic Sea.

Like most small towns in the area, at first glance Casalabate does not appear to have many amenities.

Don’t expect to find streets lined with shops. However, look closer and you will find the supermarket tucked away just in front of the harbour. Look further and there are restaurants, pizzerias, a supermarket, deli, the butcher, the fishmonger, and the fresh seafood bar, the Jolly Mare.

Caslabate Farmers' Market, every Sunday, every day in July and AugustIn the evening try the restaurant or pizzeria at the Hotel Perla, or one of the other restaurant bars on the sea-front.  Bahia Negra is a favourite, Or the Ristorante Parco degli Ulivo just a few metres from the Villa Rosa. And remember that Italians like to drive out into the countryside where some of the best local cooking can be found in restored masserie (farm houses).

One of the highlights of Casalabate must be the local market. Held every Sunday and every festival day, here is your opportunity to mingle with the locals and buy fresh frutta and vedura, cheese, fish, local pottery and statues. During the high summer season you will find the market open every day.

In August, Italians flock to Casalabate and at night along the sea front you can join the evening passeggiata (promenade) along Via Lungomare Nord, where there are many additional market stalls and street food stands.


You can see the exact location of Villa Rosa, the local beaches and other amenities on the map below. Zoom in to see more detail, zoom out to see all the pinned amenities. Drag the cursor around to move to different locations on the map. You can also click on the map pins in the list below to move the map to show the location of the selected pin.

Bahia Negra Lungomare Nord, 100, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Restaurant on the Adriatic Sea. Mixed reviews from our guests, generally good but service can be haphazard when they are busy. 405 metres walk from Villa Rosa.
Bar Carlo Via Squinzano, 12, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy Bar and Café, also general provisions, deli counter and fresh bread. 1.09 km walk from Villa Rosa
Cashpoint / Bancomat Via Squinzano, 3, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy Next to the newsagent you can find a convenient cashpoint / ATM / bancomat machine
Ciritorno - Fristo Bar Via Trepuzzi, 230, 73100 Casalabate, Lecce LE, Italy Fast food (mainly fried), pizza in the evening; drinks, terrace overlooking the Adriatic. Good reviews on Google 1km walk from Villa Rosa
Exotic Beach Via Pesce Scheggia, 43, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy Free sandy beaches, beach lido with sunbeds/sun umbrellas for hire and bar. 1.67km walk from Villa Rosa
Fruit and Veg Via Squinzano, 10, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy Fruit and Vegetables, local produce available daily. High season only
Fruit and Vegetables Via Lungomare Nord, 9, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Every Sunday morning, year round. Every day in the high season 960 metres walk from Villa Rosa
Grocery Store Via Lungomare Nord, 103, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy Groceries, fresh bread, deli counter. Open daily in the high season. Open Sunday all year. 375 metres walk from Villa Rosa
Hotel Perla Via Lungomare Nord 67-69, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Open all the year round, hotel restaurant, separate pizzeria. Coffee, aperitivi served to the front of the hotel overlooking the Adriatic. 262 metres walk from Villa Rosa
Jolly Mare Pescheria Piazza Lecce, 11, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy Get fresh fish and seafood every day in the high season. Sunday only rest of the year
Lido Q70 Via Trepuzzi, 86, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Small lido with sunbeds / sun umbrellas for hire and bar. Free sandy beaches either side. 1.6km walk from Villa Rosa
Mar de Plata Via Lungomare Nord, 61, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Bar, trattoria. Open all day / evening in the season. Drinks, snacks, lunch, dinner. Pizzas in the evening. On the edge of the Adriatic. 350 metres walk from Villa Rosa
Marulli Bar / Café , Via Lungomare Nord, 47, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Pasticceria (fabulous) / Gelateria / Café / Bar. All day and every day in the high season. Open Sunday morning all year round. Great cocktails, sea views, ideal for people watching! 505 metres walk from Villa Rosa
Newsagent / Beach Toys Via Squinzano, 2, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy newspapers, magazines, beach and pool toys
Parco degli Ulivi Via Lit.Nea Salentina Nord, 124-128, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Restaurant / Pizzeria. Open every day all the year round. It's a huge place, if you go early you may be the only people there! 400 metres walking distance from Villa Rosa
Pharmacy / Farmacia Via Trepuzzi, 230, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy Local chemist, pharmacy (Farmacia). High season only
Rosso Pepe Via Squinzano, 3, Casalabate, Province of Lecce, Italy Trattoria / Pizzeria. Great Pizzas! Open lunch / dinner every day in the high season. Open for dinner on Friday / Saturday year round. 1km walk from Villa Rosa
Sun Beach Via Pesce Scheggia, 7, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Sandy beaches, free beach and also Sun Beach Lido club. 1.27km walk from Villa Rosa
Supermercato Valentino Piazza Lecce, 11, 73100 Casalabate LE, Italy Supermarket with deli counter and bakery. Open all day, every day. Stocks good wines. Also a bar / gelateria. 960 metres walk from Villa Rosa.
Villa Rosa Via della Murena,38, Casalabate, LE 73100