Puglia Beaches - Castro MarinaCastro is a nice little seaside village with a harbour. It sits at the top of a hill and overlooking the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Castro is named for the castle, an ancient fortress, that is undergoing restoration. In front of the castle there is a wide piazza with a belvedere overlooking the sea.

Castro Marina was one of the Puglia beaches awarded the Blue Flag (Foundation for Environmental Education best beaches award) in 2010. Close by are the famous Zinzulusa caves.

At the top end of Castro you will find the homes of permanent residents, some restaurants, shops, hotels and other tourist facilities. At the bottom is Castro Marina where you will find the port, the beautiful cliffs and the seafront. The magic that distinguishes Castro Marina attracts many summer visitors, still predominantly Italian although other tourists are now finding their way there.

In the port you will find pavement café/bars (perfect for watching the world go by), boat rentals, pedal boats and canoes, excursions to the caves and other seaside resorts, diving activities and everything you need to enjoy a day at the seaside resort of Castro Marina. And for those that like to explore the culture and history of their holiday location there is the Castle and the Cathedral to be visited.