Puglia Holiday - Images courtesy of Jane and Nick

Photo courtesy of Jane W

“Our beach” ….. a hop, skip and a jump from Casa Mare. A long narrow strip, with no amenities, between Torre San Gennaro and Lendinuso, with sandy bays either end. This beach is constantly changing, sometimes with long expanses of sand, sometimes a mixture of sand, shale and pebbles and sometimes with very high tides leaving only a thin band of stones at the very top of the beach.


Casa Mare Beach Villa - Images from Grethic In Puglia

Photo courtesy of Grethic

From May to September the beach is usually sandy or a mix of sand and shale. It is very popular, not only with local summer residents, but with other Italians too. You won’t often here anything but Italian spoken here (except for us of course). Throughout most of the summer you will find us on the beach, from the first early morning cup of tea watching the sun come up through to apertivi at the end of the day. Even on the hottest days there is always a little breeze and of course the clear blue Adriatic to cool off in.

There are man made reefs at the north end …. good for snorkelling and spotting small fish and other sea creatures. Locals fish here often catching octupus and other local delicacies.

Kite Surfing from the beach at Casa Mare, Puglia Holiday VillaLendinuso is the home of a wind surfing and kite surfing club. Often the kite surfers meet at the southern end of Lido Cipolla, debutantes and experts alike. A constant visitor and very good friend described the kite surfers

“On days when the wind blows too hard for long swims there is nothing better than watching the wind surfers and kite boarders, I admire their strength, they play in the surf for hours… until everything stops for lunch – then they hop off their boards and restore all that burnt energy.”

Casa Mare