There are lots of other opportunities for exploring Puglia than by car. Why not try a bicycle. We have two basic bicycles available to guests staying at Casa Mare. Other bicycles are available to  hire.

Puglia Activities - cycle toursIn recent years Puglia has increased forms of sustainable transport to reduce energy consumption and enhance the territory of Puglia. As a result of this a network of cycle paths has been built and is continually being extended. Some of the cycle routes in the Brindisi region can be found here –

There are also designated cycle routes in the Lecce region, and Casalabate is in the middle of one of these routes.

For the less adventurous part of the yellow cycle trail will take you from the Lendinuso / Torchiarolo cross roads into Torchiarolo through the Olive Groves. It is also possible to cycle from Casalabate into Torchiarolo through the Olive Groves. Shopping is much more fun if you cycle into Torchiarolo. Have a coffee sitting outside one of the many coffee bars, do your shopping and then head home for lunch.