Meet the Puglia Chef

Staying in our Puglia Holiday Villas, the Puglia Chef will cook for youImagine having spent a long day on the beach, by the pool or out and about discovering Puglia and the Salento. What could be better than an evening relaxing at your holiday villa with a traditional Pugliese dinner, freshly prepared by our Puglia Chef Mino and delivered to your door.

The Puglia Chef provides personal catering services for our Puglia holiday villa guests. We have linked up with a local italian chef, Mino, and his wife, Val, to provide you with opportunity to dine in your villa. You can enjoy traditional Pugliese cuisine, all freshly made and delivered to you at the requested time. No effort required. You will have the opportunity to meet Mino and discuss your menu options before booking  your personal Pugliese dining experience.
Meet Mino, the Puglia Chef, he will cook for you at our Puglia Holiday VillasMino prides himself on the authenticity of the food he and his wife Val create. After many successful years as restaurateurs in England and in the Algarve, Portugal, Mino has returned to the region of his birth Puglia.

Mino is a first class chef, having been in the profession for over 25 years, and he has worked all over Europe.

As Mino is originally from Squinzano. Puglia, it is not surprising that most of his dishes are traditonal southern Italian recipes. Val of course is English and likes to add her touch with homemade soups and sweets. Between them they have found the right combination to make your Puglia Chef dining at home experience extra special.

Mino can also choose and provide the best local wines to complement your dinner. As he told us :

‘When I was a young boy, my grandfather tooke me to many vineyards to see him at work. His job was to measure the exact alcohol content of the wine grapes. For generations my family had been involved in making wines for export. Our own labels were “Framazzotta”, ” Mazzotta” e “Figlio” and our champagne label was”Dionis Prince”. Sadly the business ceased with the death of my grandfather in the early 1960’s.’

The Welcome Basket at our Puglia Holiday Villas includes a pasta dish freshly made by Mino, the Puglia Chef. Buon Appetito!

Puglia Chef : Mino’s Meatballs

Mino, the Puglia Chef, cooks for our holiday villa guests on a regular basis and he also prepares his famous “Mino’s Meatballs” that are included in our Welcome Basket. Now you can get the recipe.

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Puglia Chef : Fagolini

Fagolini are green beans, small and tender, akin to french beans. If I am honest am not a fan of beans, not much of a fan of green vegetables at all. I have to make myself eat green veg from time to time.

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Puglia Chef : Tiramisu

The Puglia Chef is sharing his recipe for Tiramisu. There are many recipes for Tiramisu both in Italy and around the world. For me, this one is the absolute best.

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