Puglia lemons are in a class of their own. Nothing like supermarket lemons back in the UK. As I write I can smell the perfume and visulise the colour of wonderful fresh Puglia lemons. Imagine yourself on a sunny morning in Puglia. Guests can stroll out into the garden and pick lemons that are almost sweet enough to eat straight from the tree.
Puglia Lemons at our Puglia Holiday Villas

The trees produce fruit almost year round. It’s quite amazing to see flowers, green lemons and ripe lemons, on the same tree at the same time.  So we can pick fresh lemons at both of our Puglia villas anytime. As a result there is rarely a shortage of lemons in our house.

There are so many things you can do with lemons. Google for lemon recipes and you will get thousands of results.

Recently I have been making Limoncello for our guest welcome baskets. Imagine yourself at your Puglia holiday villa. You have eaten a wonderful meal. Sit outside by the pool and sip Limoncello, a perfect digestivo to end your meal.  .

The recipe was given to me by Lynn Nesbitt,  just about the first person I met after we arrived here in Puglia, I’m not sure where Lynn got the recipe from. Probably from a neighbour.  In Italy recipes for limoncello are handed down though families for generations, maybe starting back in the early 1600s. Then, rumour has it, Limoncello was first made in convents.

Other favourites are Lemonade, Lemon Curd, Lemon Meringue Ice Cream and Lemon Meringue Pie.

Limoncello – The Recipe

The hard part

Wait for at least one month before drinking. Limoncello is best kept in the freezer and served very cold. It won’t freeze, the alcohol content won’t let it!

Having a party? How about storing your limoncello in a Beverage Dispenser with lots of ice in it.

Drinks Dispenser for your Puglia Limoncello