Puglia Activities - visit an Olive Farm, learn about growing olives and producing oilVisit an Olive Farm and Olive Mill, learn more about the growing and harvesting of olives and the production of olive oil. Finish your tour with a picnic under the magnificent olive trees.

In Italy, especially in southern regions such as Puglia, many of the trees used to produce todays olive oil date back a couple of thousand years and were planted by the Romans. The ancient olive groves surround us where-ever we go in Southern Puglia. It is a little known fact that some of Italy’s finest oils hail from Puglia. Extra virgin olive oil – unblended olive oil taken from the first pressing – is often reserved for use in salad dressings while piquant chilli oil can be drizzled over antipasti dishes such as roasted peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, sliced aubergines.

You can visit a local olive farm at any time. Private tours can be arranged for you during your holiday. You will meet the many of the best, diverse olive oil producers. You will visit the best and most ancient oil mills. You will taste from the light and fruity extra virgin olive oil produced in the Northern part of Puglia to the stronger and spicy extra olive oil produced in the Southern part of Puglia.

If you visit Puglia between during the olive harvest (usually between October and February) we can arrange for you to take an “Extra virgin olive oil tour” and experience the olive harvest.On request you can experience the art of making extra virgin olive oil from olive picking, olive pressing to the oil bottling.

To avoid disappointment we recommend that you book your Olive Oil tour / Olive harvest experience in advance of your holiday in one of our villas here in Puglia. However if you have already arrived it may not be too late, contact us and we will make enquires and the booking for you.