Ostuni the white city overlooks the AdriaticThis exquisite little city is situated close to a tranquil stretch of coastline. It is built across three hills and marks the beginning of the Salentine Peninsula. As you travel down the Bari to Brindisi super-strada look inland and you will see Ostuni, the White City, on the hills in the near distance.

It is known as the “White City” because of its whitewashed streets and buildings.

The streets are narrow, and often steep, winding up and down the hills. In the centre is an ornate 15th Century cathedral and several lovely baroque monuments.

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Puglia Cities : Ostuni Restaurants, La GelosiaThere are plenty of restaurants to choose from when you decide to stop for lunch or dinner. Try La Gelosia, right in the historic centre, with pretty gardens and local food.

If you are in Puglia in August, try not to miss Ostuni’s main festa,  La Cavalcata. Held on 26th August, La Cavalcata is a horse parade that follows the procession of Saint Oronzo, the protector of the city. A silver statue of the saint is carried in memory of the knights who protected the pilgrims, on their way to sanctuary, from the attack of bandits. Horse and riders have mantillas and costumes with gold or silver embroidery. An impressive sight.

La Taverna della Gelosia