Puglia Activities

Now you’ve booked your Puglia villa holiday and made your travel plans how about something extra? There’s a wealth of Puglia activities, sporting and otherwise and we can help you get the best on offer.

From Artisan market tours to Wine Tours, and everything in between. There are many opportunities to explore and experience the real Puglia.

We have a some wonderful contacts who can arrange just about anything. If you want to do something that is not listed … just ask and we will see what we can do! If it’s not there, ask any way. One of our co-ordinates will almost certainly be able to organise it.

Of course we had to try out many of these activities and excursions, you can read about our week with family here, when we sampled many of the wonderful things to do and see in Puglia. We’ve also been on the Wine Tours more than once or twice, always learning something new, tasting different wines and having fun.

Come to Puglia, relax by the pool, on the beaches, but take time out to explore our adopted home land, but beware, you may well fall in love with Puglia and the Salento.

Olive Farm Tours

Visit an Olive Grove and Olive Mill, learn more about growing / harvesting olives and the production of olive oil; then finish your tour with a picnic under the magnificent olive trees.

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Learning to sail, or maybe you just want to give it a try. Sailing courses are available here in Puglia, either weekend courses or just an ad-hoc sailing lesson.

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Horse Riding

If you feel like being a little bit more active while on vacation at one of our Puglia Holiday Villas how about horse riding?

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Kite Surfing

Fancy learning to kite-surf while you are on vacation here in Puglia? Lendinuso is home to local kite-surfing and wind-surfing clubs.

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Artisan Market Tours Puglia

Get a real feel for Puglia during your vacation, book an Artisan Market Tour and discover the real Puglia. You will experience the authentic local artistic traditions with visits to local artists and craftsmen in their studios. or visits to the artisans and craftsmen workshops.

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Pastry Experience

Try a half day cooking experience in a traditional pastry shop where you will learn how to make biscuits, cakes and so much more, in the kitchens of local pastry chefs.

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Boats and Boat Trips

Boats and boat trips in Puglia; is there a better way to make your holiday special. Imagine yourself on a hot sunny day on board a boat. The sea breezes, the sunshine, the beautiful coastlines. Can you think of a better way to make your Puglia vacation special?

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There are any number of beaches where you can go snorkelling. Bring your own snorkel mask or buy one locally. The children can start by snorkelling in the pool, the beaches are perfectly safe once they have a little confidence.

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Puglia is a land offering a myriad of opportunities to photographers, professional or amateur. Olive groves, ancient town centres, nature, the twin seas with their very different coastlines, vineyards …. so much more.

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Scuba Diving

Explore the Adriatic and Ionian seas under the water. Scuba diving lessons and equipment rental are both readily available up and down the coastline of the Salento.

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