Castellana Grotto - amazing Puglia Places to VisitWithin easy reach of both our Puglia holiday villas one of the most famous Puglia attractions are the celebrated Castellana Grotto. They were discovered by speloeologist Franco Anelli in 1938. The Grotto should be on every list of Puglia attractions to visit. A day out at this fascinating Puglia attraction makes a change from relaxing by the pool or on the beach.

The grottos are a vast complex of underground caves. They offer breathtaking views of stalactites and stalagmites as well as glistening crystallite. Divided up into chambers you could be forgiven for thinking you have stumbled upon something from Star Wars or a Disney film.

From the entrance grotto, the “Grave” travel through underground passages and corridors. The Black Grotto. The Angel’s Corridor. The Little Cavern of the Manger. The Cavern of the Precipice. They will lead you to, what is according to many, the most beautiful grotto in the world. The splendid White Grotto is 70 metres below ground level. The purity of its crystalline concretions and alabaster give it it’s name. From here a lift will take you back to the surface.

There are two guided tours available, the short tour and the long tour. Whichever you choose wear comfortable shoes and take a sweater. The grottos can be chilly even on the warmest day.

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Head out early, take the superstrada north towards Bari and then head inland for the Castellana Grotto. After touring the Grottos in the morning, head for another of the most visited Puglia attractions, Alberobello. Stop for lunch and visit the trulli, They are arguably the most well known of all the Puglia attractions and are a UNESCO Heritage site.