Puglia beach time - anytimeSummer has arrived ….. Puglia beach time has started. I started this beautiful May Sunday on the beach. Shorts and t-shirt were all that was needed. With the first mug of tea of the day of course. Perfect Puglia beach time has begun.

It’s not too late to book a Puglia villa and enjoy your very own perfect Puglia beach time. Early morning? Lunch on the beach? Afernoon siesta? Anytime is perfect Puglia beach time.

I wasn’t quite alone. A man in swimming trunks walked along the waters edge. I’m sure I saw him swimming futher down the beach later on. I dipped a toe. Definitely warmer than a month ago. Warm enough to paddle. Almost warm enough for sea-walking, soon it will be warm enough for swimming. For the brave-hearted and those who love in colder climes it’s probably warm enough already.Puglia beach time - anytime

Southern Puglia and the Salento form a peninsula. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Taranto. There are beaches up and down both coastlines. If you are looking for perfect Puglia beach time you can choose from beach lido clubs and completely uncommercialised, unspoilt beaches. From sandy beaches, marine reserves to rocky beaches with rock pools to explore, something for everyone.

Here at Casa Mare we are lucky enough to have a sandy, quiet beach right on the doorstop. It’s very small but access to the sea is easy and just 30 steps from the front gate. Perfect Puglia Beach time whether it is first thing in the morning, lunch time, aperitivi time, or all day. No prizes for guessing where my summer days will be spent!