Puglia Beaches – up and down the Adriatic and Ionian

Puglia has many beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian CoastlinesLooking for a a beach holiday? Look no further, We have two beautiful Puglia villas near beaches. Casa Mare is just two minutes walk to a small uncommercialised sandy beach. Our favourite way to spend the summer days is on our local beach. From the first cup of tea in the morning to the first glass of wine in the evening, for us the beach is the best place to be.

Casa Mare is located between Lendinuso and Torre San Gennaro. The two seaside towns offer more beaches, commercial and free, within easy walking distance.

Villa Rosa is 15 minutes walk from Sun Beach Club which offers sun-bed and umbrella rentals and other facilities. There are free sandy beaches either side of Sun Beach Club. On the south side of Casalabate hidden behind the tiny streets there are many more secluded sandy beaches.

Up and down the Adriatic on the east coast of Puglia, and the Ionian on the west coast, there are many, many beaches to discover. From nature reserves with wide expanses of sand and sea to commercialised lidos with facilities. From small sandy bays to rocky inlets there is something for every one. Many of the commercialised beaches offer wind-surfing, kite-surfing, sailing and scuba-diving activities.

Italians and foreign visitors alike flock to the beaches, especially the lidos, in July and August but if you explore you will always find some less crowded than others.

Puglia Beach Map

We have listed some of the many beaches here; when you find your perfect beach let us know and we will add it to our Puglia beach map. Many of the coastal towns and cities have beautiful beaches either in the town or close by. Try combining a sight-seeing trip with an afternoon on the beach. Think Otranto, Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca.

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Buena Ventura Adriatic Beaches Litoranea S.Cataldo-S.Foca 7 km 73029 Acquarica di Lecce, LE, Puglia Lots of choice here, relax on the sandy beach, swim in the clear blue Adriatic or get more active and try your hand at Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing or Sailing. Sun beds and umbrellas available to hire and there is a beach bar serving food and drinks. Happy hour in the afternoons, serving long cold drinks with appetizers. On Thursday and Saturday nights you should find live music performed by local and international bands.
Campo di Mare Adriatic Beaches Campo di Mare, BR, Puglia Within walking distance of Casa Mare and 5 minutes drive from Villa Rosa, this child friendly beach has 6 bays, 5 enclosed by sea walls built from natural rock.
Castro Adriatic Beaches Castro, Otranto, LE. Puglia Castro is a nice little seaside village with a harbour, situated at the top of a hill and overlooking the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Castro is named for the castle, an ancient fortress, that is undergoing restoration, in front of which there is a wide piazza with a belvedere overlooking the sea.
Cipolla Adriatic Beaches Contrada Cipolla, Torchiarolo, BR, Puglia A hop skip and a jump from Casa Mare. Thoughout the summer you will find us here most days, from day-break to sunset.
Exotic Beach Club Adriatic Beaches Via Lizza Glauca, Lungomare Nord, 73100 Casalabate, Puglia On the outskirts of Casalabate, in the direction of Torchiarolo and Lendinuso, if you follow the signs for Exotic you will find the beach club
Guna Beach Club Adriatic Beaches Guna Beach Club Apani Puglia Here you will find a nice small beach resort, Guna Beach. The sunbeds and umbrellas are laid out in grassy areas near to the café/bar overlooking the Adriatic.
Lendinuso Adriatic Beaches Lendinuso, BR, Puglia Favoured by wind-surfers and kite-surfers a like Lendinuso has a sandy bay and plenty of places for coffee or whatever takes your fancy
Lido Bosca Verde Adriatic Beaches Pilone, BR, Puglia Lovely sandy beaches with commercial lidos and free beach space. Cafes and bars right by the beach and a great restaurant at the entrance to the car parking. If you have a reservation at the restaurant and are parking in the car park, make sure you tell the attendant as parking is then free.
Lido Conchiglie Ionian Beaches Località Lido Conchiglie, Lungomare Galileo Galilei, 0 73017 Gallipoli, Lecce, Italy Heading north from Gallipoli, don't miss Lico Conchiglie, a small seaside resort with what are claimed to be the most beautiful beaches around Gallipoli
Marina di Pulsano Ionian Beaches Marina di Pulsano, Taranto, Puglia Marina di Pulsano, on the Ionian coast, south of Taranto, offers a number of beach lidos and other facilities. It is one of the earliest settled areas in the region and is a place of exceptional charm. With small sandy beaches and bays, and low cliff areas the beach resorts offer all the usual tourist facilities.
Otranto Adriatic Beaches Otranto, LE, Puglia The beaches of the busy town of Otranto have been voted the cleanest beaches in Italy. If you like your beach to come with a bustling town life, this is the one for you. Beach or no beach, Otranto, is definitely a day trip not to miss.
Porto Badisco Adriatic Beaches Porto Badisco, Otranto, LE, Puglia South of Otranto is the fabulous little bay of Porto Badisco, not really discovered by tourists, this bay is frequented mostly by locals. It's a great spot for snorkelling too.
Porto Cesareo Ionian Beaches Porto Cesareo, LE, Puglia Porto Cesareo is a large seaside town on the Ionian coast, west of Leverano. It is described as a typical southern fishing village, with narrow alleys, whitewashed houses and of course bougainvillea and other climbing flowering plants abundant everywhere.
Porto Miggiano Adriatic Beaches Porto Miggiano, Santa Cesarea Terme, LE, Italy South of S.Cesarae Terme, look out for Porto Miggiano. You will need to park up and walk a little way to reach this beautiful bay. But it really is worth the effort, the colour and clarity of the water are amazing. There are lots of flat rocky places, great for sun-bathing and from where you can swim.
Punta della Suina Ionian Beaches Punta della Suina Litoranea Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, Lecce, Italy At the southern-most point of the Baia Verde, south of Gallipoli you will find Punta della Suina, a beach lido club with sunbeds and sun umbrellas available for hire. There is also a terrace bar with views over the bay of Gallipoli.
Punta Prosciutto Ionian Beaches Punta Prosciutto, LE, Puglia Heading north from Porto Cesareo there are numerous holiday camps, beach clubs and lidos and also stretches of free beaches. Punta Proscuitto is a large bay with sandy beaches and the sea is clear and inviting, shallow for a long way out and perfect for children (of all ages).
Roca Vecchia Adriatic Beaches Roca Vecchia, Melendugno, Lecce, Italy Roca Vecchia is a small fishing village, with beach lidos, and the beaches that don’t usually get too crowded.
San Cataldo Adriatic Beaches San Cataldo, LE, Puglia Even on a bright sunny and very hot day in August, to us San Cataldo had an air of shabbiness and neglect. Maybe because of this the beach was less crowded than those at Sant'Andrea, San Foca and Torre Canne.
San Foca Adriatic Beaches San Foca, Melundugno, LE, Puglia At San Foca, south of Casalabate along the litoranea, there is a nice sandy beach and a harbour with a very good restaurant on the square.
Sant' Andrea Adriatic Beaches Sant' Andrea, LE, Puglia Heading south along the litoranea (coastal road) south of San Catalado and before Otranto, at S. Andrea you will find nice beaches and holiday villages. A small sandy beach in a rocky bay with crystal clear water, Torre Sant’Andrea is north of Otranto, close to Melendugno.
Santa Maria di Leuca Adriatic Beaches Santa Maria di Leuca, LE. Puglia At the bottom of the heel where the Adriatic meets the Ionian Sea, named "finibus terrae" (end of the earth) by the Romans, Santa Maria di Leuca is a beautiful harbour town with a long esplanade and beach. It is part of the Regional Park “Costa Otranto - Santa Maria di Leuca e Bosco di Tricase. It is famous for its 47 metre high lighthouse and the Basilica built to commemorate St Peter's visit during his travels through Italy. The Basilica is connected to the port by 184 step staircase.
Specchiolla Adriatic Beaches Specchiolla, BR, Pugila A coastal road runs through the tiny town of Specchiolla and there are a number of sandy beaches and restaurants to choose from.
Sun Beach Club Adriatic Beaches Lungomare Nord, Casalabate, LE, Puglia Sun Beach Lido can be found on the outskirts of Casalabate, walking distance from Villa Rosa and (a little further) Casa Mare. In the main season sun-beds and sun umbrellas can be hired by the day or by the week. There is a small beach bar and within the lido complex itself a restaurant serving mainly pizza and fast food.There are also toilet facilities.
Toretta Mare Ionian Beaches Toretta Mare, Taranto, Puglia Heading up the Ionian Coast from Porto Cesareo there are many many beaches to explore. Further north and close to Taranto is the beach lido Toretta Mare.
Torre Canne Adriatic Beaches Torre Canne, BR, Puglia 45 minutes drive north of Casalabate you will find the seaside resort of Torre Canne. This is a bustling seaside town and like most Italian seaside resorts, the beaches and the town will be very crowded in July and August, especially at weekends.
Torre Chianca Adriatic Beaches Torre Chianca, LE, Puglia Take the litoranea through Casalabate heading south and just 10 minutes drive away you will find Torre Chianca. Another Italian holiday village with a beautiful beach. This is one not to miss.
Torre dell'Alto Ionian Beaches Torre dell'Alto, Galatone, Puglia On the coast, midway between Galatone and Nardo is the Torre dell'Alto Lido. Access to the sea here is quite complicated, but there are some points where you can reach it and plunge into its clear waters and explore the rich marine flora and fauna.
Torre dell'Orso Adriatic Beaches Torre dell'Orso, Melundugno. LE, Puglia A buzzy seaside town situated in a bay with nice sandy beaches, lido clubs (payment) and stretches of free beach. The town has lots of cafe/bars and restaurants to choose from for lunch or snacks.
Torre Guaceto Adriatic Beaches Torre Guaceto, BR Just half an hours drive north from our Villas, Torre Guaceto is a Protected Marine Area and a Nature Reserve with curving bays and lovely beaches. No boats, fishing or animals are allowed in the area. Swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving are encouraged.
Torre Rinalda Adriatic Beaches Torre Rinalda, LE, Puglia One of our favourite beaches, a long sandy bay with ample parking and a small restaurant and café/bar. Just pack up the car and head south from Casalabate for about 15 minutes, you'll always find room on this long sandy beach to set up camp and enjoy a day of sun sea and sand.
Torre Rinalda Adriatic Beaches,Villa Rosa Torre Rinalda, Province of Lecce, Italy This is one of our favourites. Long sandy beaches, a beach bar and a small restaurant at the northern end, nearest to our villas.
Torre San Gennaro Adriatic Beaches Torre San Gennaro, BR, Puglia Delightful seaside village with lidos, beach bars, restaurant and shops.
Torre Santa Sabina Adriatic Beaches Torre Santa Sabina, BR, Puglia A really nice seaside town with a sandy bay, nice walks and some good restaurants.
Torre Squillace Ionian Beaches Torre Squillace, LE, Puglia Torre Squillace is a little further north from Gallipoli than Sant'Isadoro and south of Porto Cesareo. The coast here is rugged and full of rocky coves which protect the small sandy beach near the Tower.