Today I am adding to our Recipes from Puglia collection a recipe taught to me by the Puglia Chef : Fagolini.

Fagolini are green beans, small and tender, akin to french beans. If I am honest am not a fan of beans, not much of a fan of green vegetables at all. I have to make myself eat green veg from time to time.

That all changed when I had lunch with the Puglia Chef, Mino and his wife Val, a few weeks ago. Mino served as part of the Antipasti his Fagolini. I loved them.

So now I am sharing the Puglia Chef Fagolini recipe with you.

I am also very excited to share the with you the news that Mino has started writing his Puglia Chef recipe book. We are looking forward to seeing the book and will be sharing it with all the visitors to our Puglia Holiday Villas.

Get the Puglia Chef Fagolini Recipe!

  Recipes from Puglia : Fagolini
Recipes from Puglia  Serves 4
Puglia Cooking  Prep : 15 minutes  Cook :30 minutes

The most important thing ……. Enjoy!