Today we are sharing with you a recipe from the Puglia Chef. When we moved to Puglia back in December 2005 we were lucky enough to meet Val and Mino Mazzotta. Val spotted our English car in Casalabate just a few days after we had arrived in Puglia. She introduced herself and over the years we  have become good friends.

Mino, who is originally from Squinzano, has been a chef for many many years. Although retired now, he still loves to cook. We are very lucky that, as the Puglia Chef, he cooks for our holiday villa guests on a regular basis. As well as cooking for our guests on request he also prepares his famous “Mino’s Meatballs” that are included in our Welcome Basket.

Now our Puglia Chef has agreed to let us share his recipe with you.

From the Puglia Chef : Polpette

 affectionately known as Mino’s Meatballs   Puglia Recipes from the Puglia Chef, meatballs and they are in the welcome basket at our Puglia Holiday Villas
Recipes from Puglia  Serves 4
Puglia Cooking  Prep : 15 minutes  Cook :30 minutes

Buon Appetito,

Thank you Mino, the Puglia Chef