The Puglia Chef  is sharing his recipe for Tiramisu. There are many recipes for Tiramisu both in Italy and around the world. For me, this one is the absolute best. The word Tiramisu is of course Italian. It literally means “pick me up”  but can be translated as “cheer me up”, and that this indulgent dessert certainly does.

Thank you Mino, the Puglia Chef, for sharing your recipe with us! Don’t forget if you are staying at our Puglia Holiday Villas Mino will cook for you on request.

Get the Puglia Chef Tiramisu Recipe!

  Recipes from Puglia - the best Tiramisu
Recipes from Puglia  Serves 6 to 8
Puglia Cooking  Prep : 30 minutes  plus chilling

Buon Appetito,

Thank you Mino, the Puglia Chef