Puglia Cities and Town


Visit Bari, the centro storico and the waterside, make this one of the best Puglia Cities and Towns to explore.

Puglia Cities and Towns – don’t miss Bari

So you have arrived and settled into your Puglia villa, Now you have had some downtime and are ready to explore. Where to begin? There are many interesting Puglia cities and towns waiting to be explored and discovered by you.

Most Puglia cities and towns have at least two things in common. From the outskirts they look suburban and uninspiring. At the centre is the original old town or city. The historic centre or “centro storico” in Italian. What a difference. From the modern, less than beautiful urban areas, through a gate into the walled centre. It feels like you are stepping back into a different time. The architecture is fantastic, the atmosphere is amazing, churches and cathedrals abound. Even the smaller Pugia Cities and Towns have wonderful historic centres where you can wander around just soaking up the ambience. Take time out to sit at a pavement cafe and watch the world go by.

The most well known of all the Puglia Cities are probably Lecce, Ostuni, and Otranto; there are others as well. However you should not miss the often overlooked Brindisi and Bari.  They have hidden gems within the big city environment. Our personal favourites are those located on the coast getting the best of the stunning historic centres with the Adriatic or Ionian sea close by. Consider Monopoli on the Adriatic and Gallipoli on the Ionian. It’s easy to combine a visit to one of these cities in the morning with an afternoon on the beach.

Don’t miss the small local towns, they will give you a feel for the real Puglia. Close to our Puglia villas are the small towns of Torchiarolo and Squinzano which we have come to know and love. Sometimes it feels like we have gone back 50 years in time and life is definitely moving at a slower place. Read this article on a Day in the Life of a Puglia town  It describes exactly the small towns near us and particularly reminds me of our town, Torchiarolo.


Bari, a delightful surprise

Previous visits to Bari have left us unimpressed, but then we did little more than take a bus from the station to the airport! Early in May we decided to investigate Bari in more detail. We arranged a guided tour ……

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A day in the life of a Puglia town

We love this description of small towns in Puglia. It describes exactly the small towns near us and particularly reminds me of our town, Torchiarolo. Small towns are often overlooked by visitors. They shouldn’t be!

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Savelletri – Puglia seaside resort

Savelletri is a pretty little Puglia seaside resort, located close to the town of Fasano in the region of Brindisi.Savelletri does have a winter population which expands greatly in the summer when second home owners and tourists arrive. Locally many people from Fasano, Bari and Martina Franca have second homes in Savelletri but foreign tourists are now discovering this picture perfect seaside town.

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San Pietro Vernotico

One of our favourite places for a leisurely shopping trip, we can combine supermarket shopping with a stroll through the streets of San Pietro, stopping for a cappucino or a beer in one of the many cafe-bars. Unlike our other local towns, San Pietro does have a long street of shops. Start at one end as you enter San Pietro and stroll along the olive lined street. From designer clothes to jewellery, ceramic tiles and kitchens, newsagents, hardware shops, supermarket Crai, many cafe-bars and geletarias, hairdressers and barbers – something is sure to catch your eye.

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Not to be confused with Gallipoli in Turkey where the Battle of Gallipoli took place during the first Wold War, Gallipoli used to be an island an retains some of its faded island charm. Located on the Ionian sea, the town is divided into two parts, the modern and the old city which is on a limestone island linked to the mainland by a bridge.

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Brindisi, often overlooked and under-rated

Our friend Jeffo, an American who lives and works in Brindisi, often complains that we don’t appreciate Brindisi and all it has to offer. So we asked him to give us the benefit of his experiences of Brindisi, read  it below. Since Jeffo wrote this article Brindisi harbour front has been completely renovated, work finished in 2013  and the esplanade is now a wonderful pedestrian area with many restaurants, cafe’s and wine bars. Perfect for a stroll any time of day or evening.

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On a clear sunny day one November we set out with our friends to explore Monopoli. Monopoli is about an hours drive (94km) from our Puglia holiday villas, north of us and south of Bari.

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Although Squinzano is as close to our Puglia villas as Torchiarolo we had nver really explored it (except for visits to the Cantina). A guest entry in the Villa Rosa guest book mentioning Squinzano prompted me to say to friends that we did not really know Squinzano very well. Our friend Mino, the Puglia Chef, is originally from Squinzano and his wife Val offered to show us around.

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Lecce – Top Sights

What should you see when visiting Lecce. Take a look at these Lecce top sights.

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Otranto : jewel of the Salento

There is something very special about Otranto …… You will read this in many places. And there is something very special about Otranto for us. It’s the place we first visited back in 1998, when we first fell in love with Puglia, and the seeds of our dream were sown. Now we want to share Otranto with you.

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