Have you been had a Puglia Holiday recently. We love to hear from travellers who visited Puglia. To start our discussion read Grethic’s Perfect Puglia Days and check out this photo album and review from another regular visitor.

We’d love to hear about your Puglia Holiday

photo courtesy of grethic

Tell us about your Puglia holiday, send some photos too. We will send a bottle of home-made limoncello, a real taste of Puglia, to the top three reviewers.

Email your stories and photos to info@andiamoinitalia.com with the title “My Puglia Holiday”  to arrive by 31st January, 2016.

What was the best part of your Puglia Holiday?

Holiday highlights ….. when you look back what do you remember most about your holiday in Puglia? Was there something in particular that made your Puglia holiday special. For me, thinking of one particular beach holiday conjures up memories of walking along the beach and discovering a perfect beach restaurant. We whiled away several hours before walking back along the beach as the sun went down.

What was not so good about your Puglia Holiday?

We hoped nothing spoiled your perfect Puglia holiday … but if you found something that was not up to your expectations, something that was a  disappointment, please share it with us. A bad food experience? Disappointing accommodation? Something else?

Did you love the food, the markets, the restaurants?

Puglia Holiday Villa - self catering

photo courtesy of Jane W.

For many people discovering the local cuisine has a major impact on their enjoyment of their holiday. Puglia offers a positive cornucopia of foodie opportunities. From small family restaurants to more upmarket masseria there are non end of different places to eat out. Shopping in the local markets to create your own perfect Puglia meal is a great experience too.   What was your favourite foodie experience on your Puglia holiday?

What was your main reason for choosing Puglia for your holiday?

How do you choose a holiday destination? As we are lucky enough to live in Puglia it’s not a question that bothers us very much anymore. Looking back our choices were probably mainly governed by climate and the need to get away from a stress filled working life. How about you? What factors influence your holiday destination decision in general? When you chose a Puglia holiday destination what helped you make the decision?

Can’t decide for your next holiday? Try this quiz and read these top tips from the TravelHack.

Puglia Ambiance

Soaking up the ambiance can play a big part in any holiday. Sit at a pavement cafe soaking up the sun, the language, watch the world go by and enjoy an ice-cream or your favourite tipple. Visit the historic town centres and admire the architecture, Shop at local markets. Try your hand at speaking Italian. Do you immerse yourself in local culture and activities …. or spend the days pool or beach side? Maybe a little of both?

Puglia Holiday Villa or Puglia Hotel?

What sort of accommodation did you pick for your Puglia holiday? A standard hotel, a luxury hotel resort, self-catering villa, a villa with a swimming pool. When choosing your accommodation what are the main things you look for? Did your accommodation live up to your expectations?

We would really like to hear about your experiences of your Puglia holiday …. anything you want to tell us. Remember there is a free bottle of limoncello waiting for the top three reveiws. Email them to info@andiamoinitalia.com with the title “My Puglia Holiday”, photos would be great, making sure they arrive by 31st January, 2016.