What can we learn from a Puglia Holiday Villas Review?

As the season slowly draws to an end our Puglia Holiday Villas Review looks back at 2016. Who did we meet? What were the high points? What were the low points?  Could we have done anything better? Reviewing 2016 of course leads us to look forward to the Puglia Holiday Villas 2017 season. We would like to hear from you, our guests and prospective guests. Tell us what makes a villa holiday perfect for you?

This year both bookings and guest arrivals got off to a slow start. Concerns about the changes to the way the major villa rental listing sites had us worried. Or maybe it was the Brexit impact  😉  Despite the slow start to the season, late bookings and with guests still arriving right through to the end of October have made it a good year.

Who did we Meet? Where do our Guests come from?

Our Puglia holiday villa visitors come from all over the world. This year we started pinning guest home locations to our map. We have met wonderful people from

  • Austria (2%)Holiday in Puglia
  • Canada (7%)
  • Finland (6%)
  • France (12%)
  • Germany (4%)
  • Holland (5%)
  •  Italy (7%)
  • New Zealand (2%)
  • Switzerland (6%)
  • United Kingdom (49%)

2016 Puglia Holiday Villas Review – the High Points

As always the high points include meeting previous guest who are returning for another holiday at one of our Puglia holiday villas. It’s like having friends come to stay. We love meeting new people too and seeing them relax and enjoy perfect Puglia and sunny Salento.

Wine tours were popular at our Puglia Holiday villas in 2016This year we took several guests on wine tours. Sapori di Salento generally provide our wine tours but sometimes guests prefer just to visit one winery. When that happens we personally take them to our favourite winery, Feudi di Guagnano. Sandro always makes us and our guests welcome and shares not only the wine but his knowledge. Despite being a frequent visitor we always learn something new.

Sometimes our guests have minor problems. When they do we are happy that we are local and can lend a helping hand. This year on two separate occasions we were able to help guests who had arrived with insufficient vital medication. Thanks to our wonderful, helpful pharmacy in Torchiarolo, who were able to supply the correct medication without fuss or drama!

The changes to the air-conditioning at both villas meant that the temperatures were perfectly controlled at all times, automatically switching on and off as required. The new solar panel system at Villa Rosa heating the pool was another big plus this year.

Hearing the sounds of our guests enjoying themselves, seeing them fall in love with Puglia and the Salento. A very big plus and one of the main reasons why we love sharing our Puglia villas.

2016 Puglia Holiday Villas Review – the Low Points

Generally there are very few low points. This year was a little different.

A car accident, in exactly the same spot where we had an accident a year previously. Thankfully nobody was hurt. The local police responded well and provided all the documentation needed. Unfortunately the car hire company was less than helpful.

A lightening strike at Casa Mare which left us without hot water and air-conditioning and a number of other items that had to be repaired. We were able to move our guests to Villa Rosa. Our internet provider arrived within an hour of contacting them and had the internet up and running again.  Within a week we had everything resolved to the point where our next guests were able to enjoy all the amenities at Casa Mare.

Sadly, one elderly guest, fell and hurt himself, just last week. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Brindisi and then air-lifted home. His family had to cut their holiday short and return home to be with him.  We hope all has gone well and that he is now recovering.

When incidents like these happen we are pleased that we are on hand to help where-ever possible and to react quickly to put right any problems.  One thing we cannot control is the weather …. The first  half of September was unusually bad, thunderstorms and lots of rain. Now we are back to normal and looking forward to a warm and sunny October.

Looking forwards to 2017

So as the season slows down now with just a few more visitors still to come our thoughts turn to next year.2015 and 2016 were years of major improvements at both villas. We are considering what changes or additions we can plan for 2017.

Through the winter we will continue to work on our website. Online booking management is now available to all guests. You can see all the information relating to your booking and to your Puglia Holiday Villa at a glance. We hope that this will soon be extended to include new online booking requests.

We would love to hear your suggestions – what makes a holiday villa perfect for you?