Puglia is not just for summer, alfresco lunch in OctoberPuglia in Autumn

It was all hands on deck in our Puglia kitchen mid-week. We had invited Italian and ex-pat friends to join us and our visitors for lunch at our house. As we were 18 in total we were praying for good weather as we really needed to be able to eat outside. Casa Mare has some great alfresco eating areas and will seat 18 in relative comfort. Luckily the gods were with us.
With so many people to feed I was thankful for Vivia and Elly’s help. The day before we had taken a short trip into our local town of Torchiarolo for essential supplies and of course coffee sitting outside in the sunshine. The locals have somewhat got used to us crazy ex-pats and our friends and visitors. Now when they see us in shorts and t-shirts in November they generally just shrug and can be heard saying something that includes the word “pazzo” (mad). That didn’t stop one elderly lady telling Vivia off for wearing shorts and suggesting she go home and sit close to the fire to warm up! She probably would have had a heart attack if she had known that Vivia and Simon had been swimming in the sea just that morning.

Puglia Autumn, lunch in the gardenI had planned something of an eclectic menu …. Italian antipasti, French Boeuf Bourginon and American Nutella muffins. I meant to ask  Val to make her Tiramisu but somehow my message went astray. No need to worry. Our Italian guests arrived with trays of pasticceria and home-made profiteroles. Plenty for everybody. With Vivia and Elly’s sterling help we soon got food and wine on the tables and settled down to enjoy a long lunch. Amazing how everyone’s Italian improves with the help of a drop of vino.

Everyone enjoyed themselves – sharing food and conversation in a mix of Italian and English is an excellent way of introducing our English visitors to our Italian friends and neighbours. Being able to lunch alfresco in Puglia in November is just another big Puglia plus!. Vivia and Simon, our frequent visitors, have struck up a friendship with our neighbours Domenico and Vincenza, a friendship that overcomes the language barrier.

it is so good to be able to show our regular summer visitors another side of Perfect Puglia.

another Puglia plus, lunch alfresco in November

(all photos courtesy of Grethic)