It’s not too late to holiday in Puglia this year

If you are thinking of taking a late season holiday,  check out the Puglia temperatures. If the weather forecast is to be believed, summer will go on and on this year. So far this year summer has been a little different to the norm.  Here in the Salento region of Puglia we have seen mostly blue skies and few clouds.  There has been lots of wind as well, all over the peninsula with high tides and rough seas but keeping the rain away. Are you looking for a late season holiday?  Check out the weather forecast for Puglia. If the forecast is right Puglia temperatures are going to stay in the high twenties, low thirties right through to mid September. Want it a little bit cooler? Then the second half of September and October look very promising. Temperatures should gradually cool from high twenties in the second half of September, to the low twenties for the whole of October.  Sunny days right up until the end of October and nice cool evenings. For me that is perfect weather. Perfect of days out. Still warm enough for beach and pool,  and perfect for sleeping at night. Puglia Temperatures, perfect weather

Why consider Puglia temperatures before booking a holiday

There is so much to see and do in Puglia. Visitors in from mid June through to the end of August often miss out. In the main summer season Puglia temperatures are usually in the low to high thirties. Perfect for beach holidays and chilling out by and in the pool. Relaxing and fun, guests tend not to stray to far away from poolside at our Puglia holiday villas or on the beach. From mid September as the temperatures cool a little it is the perfect time to explore the historic towns, olive groves, wineries and much more. Discover the culture, the land and the people of Puglia. Remember too that a September bookings for our Puglia holiday villas this year now qualify for a discount. Don’t wait there is only one week left at Villa Rosa (10th to 17th September). At Casa Mare we have two weeks available from 17th September.