Over the years we have met some wonderful people, guests and locals, here in Puglia. We’ve discovered that many guests at our villas in Puglia who, as well as enjoying relaxing at the villa, by the pool and on the beach, like to try something different. With the help of our marvellous local events coordinators who organise Puglia Experience Days we have been able to introduce Puglia villa guests to much more of the real Puglia. You can discover the heritage, culture, cuisine and much more of Puglia and the Salento that you might not find by yourself.

Try something different in PugliaWe’ve totally enjoyed test-driving the Puglia Experience Days that Ylenia  creates for us, our guests and friends alike. Whether it’s

  • wine tasting
  • Italian cooking
  • salsa making
  • taking a foodie tour
  • visiting an olive mill with a picnic in the olive groves
  • seeing gelato being made, tasting too
  • learning how to make the famous Pugliese pasticiotti
  • a spa day
  • Yoga and massage at your Puglia villa
  • visiting an ancient Palazzo

…. the list is endless.

Puglia Experience days are tailored to suit our Puglia Villa guests’ requirements ….. nothing is too much trouble and every day is a pure Puglia experience.

While staying at one of our Puglia villas you will have the opportunity to have your own perfect Puglia Experience days. Tell us what you would like and we will make it happen for you.