We have written before about the imposition of travelers fees, effectively a surcharge, on guests booking through the big internet holiday rental companies. The idea of guests having to pay additional travelers fees over and above the prices charged by owners was introduced in the USA earlier this year. Needless to say it has not been welcomed. If you want to know more about the additional travelers fees take time to read this article.

Sadly, from June 1st 2016,  the imposition of travelers fees is being extended to all the European vacation rental websites belonging to the main players … specifically for us HomeAway. We, as owners, pay for the privilege of listing our Puglia villas on the advertising websites. Where guests choose to use the online booking offered by the vacation rental website we also pay a commission on each and every payment made by our guests. This is our cost of doing of renting our Puglia villas and we accept it is a necessary expense.

We do not understand why our supplier is now going to charge our guests additional travelers fees, believed to be 6% of the rental,  As you can imagine owners and guests alike are not happy about these changes.

You can avoid paying the additional travelers fees either by booking direct with owners or carrying out a Google search for the property you are interested in. There are many small holiday villa rental websites out there that do not make these additional charges. We, like many other owners, are encouraging guests to book direct with us, or to find us on an alternative website.

Book Puglia Villas with No Travelers Fees

Avoid travellers fees - book our Puglia Holiday Villas direct with the owner

Our Puglia villas are listed (or about to be added) on the following websites :

Do you have a favourite villa rental listing site that does not charge travelers fees? Please let us know and we will add our Puglia villas to the recommended villa rental listing site.