Yesterday was our first Puglia Wine Tasting of this season. We have our first guests for 2016 at Villa Rosa this week and they particularly wanted to do a wine tasting. The Wine Tours provided by our partners Sapori del Salento were all booked up for this week.

As we could not book a tour for Bas and Hannake, our guests, we offered to take them to a single winery for a Puglia Wine Tasting. With two young children this may be a better option than taking a full tour. We are happy to offer all our Puglia Villa guests a Puglia Wine Tasting during their vacation here.

Our winery of choice, Feudi di Guagnano,  is about thirty minutes drive from our Puglia Villas and offers a wide choice of fantastic wines from the Salento region of Puglia. It’s safe to say most of my favourites are sourced here. The number of guests who have experience Puglia Wine Tasting at this winery and who go whom and order wine for home delivery gives you an idea of how good the wines are.

As always Sandro made We can organise single winery visits or a wine tasting tour for guests at our Puglia Holiday Villasus all feel welcome and at home. We tasted a Verdeca, a very nice Rosaro (not normally one of my favourites) and two excellent reds. Despite having left home resolving not to buy more than two bottles we came away with a half case. Bas and Hanneke enjoyed their Puglia Wine Tasting and are already planning their future orders.

This year Feudi di Guagnano are offering the first Vegan red made with NegroAmaro grapes. Described as light and fruity we chose not to include it in our Puglia Wine Tasting but I’m sure it will be interesting to vegans out there.

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The Puglia Wine Tours with Sapori del Salento are very popular and booking fast for the 2016 holiday season. We recommend you book now, either direct with Sapori del Salento or send us a message. Please do mention Let’s Go to Puglia! If you would prefer a single winery Puglia Wine Tasting and are a guest at one of our Puglia Villas let us know in advance. We will be very happy to accompany you .