In Puglia you can find Farmers' Markets just about every day

Share some of our Puglia Recipes. Traditional Puglia recipes in the Cucina Povera style of southern Italy. Recipes using the fresh produce of Puglia. Think lemons, figs, peppers, fava beans, grapes, tomatoes … the list is endless.

Puglia has been called the “Breadbasket of Italy”. Providing much of Europe’s pasta, most of Italy’s fish and of course the wonderful wine. Locals cook with seasonal produce. When we first moved to Puglia we couldn’t buy out of season produce. Not a bad thing. Think no food miles. Things have changed and more fresh produce is imported and readily available almost anytime in the large supermarkets. The locals still cook with what is readily available locally. We try to do the same.

Small supermarkets and fruit and veg shops still generally sell what is produced locally in season. You can find a local farmers’ market just about every day of the week. Market stalls piled high with fresh veg, fruit. Beautiful cheeses and meats. Fish shops are everywhere, featuring the catch of the day.


Two for the price of one! Marmalades made with Puglia lemons and pink grapefruit from our garden. I have tried a number of different recipes but these both work consistently well. Two for the price of one!

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Facebook Twitter Google+ tumblr Puglia lemons are in a class of their own. Nothing like supermarket lemons back in the UK. As I write I can smell the perfume and visulise the colour of wonderful fresh Puglia lemons. Imagine yourself on a sunny morning in Puglia....

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Apricot Chutney

From June to August the farmers’ markets in Puglia are piled high apricots. Delicious eaten fresh, they can be dried for winter use, or used to make a perfect Puglia fruit preserve.

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Homemade Lemonade is a star in our Puglia Holiday Villa welcome baskets. It’s made from fresh Puglia lemons with just the right amount of sugar. Use the peel and make Limoncello at the same time.

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