Renting a bike in Puglia – Why you should do it

Apart from the exercise, imagine the enjoyment of cycling beside the sea, through the olive groves and countryside. Renting a bike in Puglia is a great way to explore the olive groves, countryside and seaside trails. Why not cycle around Casalabate or into Torchiarolo on the quiet country roads. It’s a great way to enjoy the countryside and get some exercise and fresh air. Stop for a coffee, an ice-cream, a beer or lunch. Cycling through the olive groves is one of our favourite things to do.You will see so much more than always travelling by car.

Many visitors to our Puglia holRenting a bike in Puglia - exploring Puglia by bikeiday villas ask us about the possibility of renting bikes. At Casa Mare we do have two basic bicycles available that guests are welcome to borrow. For the dedicated cyclist renting a bike in Puglia gives them the opportunity to hire a better spec bike more suited to their needs.

Bicycles can be rented from a number of bike rental shops. We recommend pre-booking before your holiday to avoid disappointment. Our guests will find the address of their Puglia Holiday villa, for delivery of the bikes, on their online booking confirmation..

You will find details of some bike hire companies below. However sometimes the bike hire companies don’t have anything available. Maybe they have gone out of business and we haven’t caught up with that yet.

Instead try a worldwide bike rentals internet site like They make renting a bike in Puglia easy, and in many other places throughout the world. You can search for bike rental businesses within a specified distance from where you are staying. Filter by type of bike and check out what the companies listed offer. Your reservation request is sent from the website to the bike rental shop. The bike rental is confirmed by email or telephone.

Rent a Bike in Brindisi

Puglia Activities - cycling, rent a bikeIn Brinidisi, near the Lungomare, you will find city bikes parked along Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 11. You can rent city bikes the hour.

Also in Brindisi you can rent a bike from  Rental Bike Italy. Reserve your bike in advance on the website, by email, whatsapp or Skype. You don’t need to worry about transporting your rent a bike. Bikes are delivered to and collected from your Puglia holiday villa. There are no prices given on the website but you can ask for a quotation. There is a wide range of bikes to choose from.

Rent a Bike in Lecce

Puglia Activities - rent bikes, rickshaw tours in LecceVelo Service in Lecce offer the  possibility to rent a bike as well as bike and cycle rickshaw tours around the heart of Lecce. I’m looking forward to taking a cycle rickshaw tour soon. My personal list of things to do in Puglia just got a longer. Renting a bike from Velo Service costs 15 euros for the first 24 hours, the longer the rental period, the lower the daily price.

You can take advantage of Online booking and reserve your bike, bike or cycle rickshaw tour before you arrive in Puglia.


Ciclovagando have offices in Mesagne and Ceglie Messapica. They have a range of bikes available for rental. The bikes are rented complete with puncture repair kit, with one spare tube, pump and lock. On request you can rent a GPS Garmin with routes of daily cycling routes. Bikes can be collected from their offices or can be delivered to your villa. Check their website for full details.

Puglia in movimento

Puglia in movimentoPuglia Holiday Villas - self guided bike tours rent bikes and offer self guided and guided bike tours in the Puglia and Basilicata region. They know Puglia very well and also work with tour operators.  Puglia in movimento have both hybrid and road bikes. They bring the bikes to Bari (to the city and the airport) for free and  can also a deliver to all of the Puglia area.  You can also see them on tripadvisor to read their reviews and see for yourself what their customers.

“We love bike world and we love our Puglia region. We are Puglia in movimento.”


However you find your bike all that is left for you to do is to collect your bike after you have arrived at your Puglia holiday villa. Some of the bike rental shops will deliver to our holiday villas. Then get cycling, explore Puglia and enjoy.

The best time for renting a bike in Puglia and exploring is from April / May and September / October. Normally the skies are blue and there is plenty of sunshine but It shouldn’t be too hot for a bit of pedal power.

Whether you rent a bike or take a tour – Enjoy!