Heading south along the litoranea (coastal road) south of San Catalado and before Otranto, at Sant’ Andrea you will find nice beaches and holiday villages. A small sandy beach in a rocky bay with crystal clear water, Torre Sant’ Andrea is north of Otranto, close to Melendugno.

Head down towards Otranto, past San Foca, through Torre del’Orso. After you have passed the hotel Barrone di Mare look for the left turn sign posted for Sant’Andrea. Take this turn and head for the coast. When you see the tower, turn right into Sant’Andrea, or park at the car park just before the village on the right hand side.

In the village there is a little bay with a pretty beach. Walk to the left of the bay and in the rocky area you will find sunbathing spots and places to dive into the sea. If you head through the tunnel in the rock you will come out on the other side of the cove, here the sea is more open.