Looking for different things to do in Puglia. Look no further. Take a drive south from our Puglia holiday villas, through Casalabate heading for Torre Rinalda. Once you get past Torre Rinalda, heading towards San Cataldo, take one of the unmade up roads down to the Adriatic.

Find Torre Rinalda’s hidden gem

Torre Rinalda's Hidden SecretPark up when you reach the sand dunes and hike over to the beach. Find a spot on the beach,, it won’t be difficult. Once you’ve set up camp for the day and caught your breath hit the sea. Somewhere under the Adriatic lies the hidden secret of Torre Rinalda. About fifty metres from the shore is the wreck of a ship, It was sunk by the British Navy in 1941. It’s probably not too much of a secret anymore having been mentioned in the Guardian and on many travel websites. It’s still worth a look.

You won’t need scuba diving gear or even snorkels. Take a deep breath and swim down to the ship, it’s not very deep.You can even swim around inside it. If you have an underwater camera be sure to take it with you, and please do email us a photo!

Take a picnic and enjoy the rest of the day on the sandy beach and swimming in the beautiful turquoise Adriatic Sea. Both our Puglia villas have beach chairs and a sun umbrella that you can take to the beach with you.

If you find it please do let us know exactly where it is!