Vacation Rental additional fees – book now to avoid

With TripAdvisor increasing fees to travellers when they book a vacation rental, HomeAway are now slated to follow Airbnb and begin charging travellers a fee for vacation rentals in the first quarter of 2016. Cashing in on the peak booking time! You can read the full article here.
Travellers fee charged by big rental websites. Book direct with Puglia Holiday Villas and save moneyWe are owners who pay to advertise our vacation rentals on Home
Away and other rental sites. We also pay an additional commission  when guests book vacation rentals using the rental site’s online booking system, We are disappointed to see yet more charges being loaded onto independent travellers.

One result of  the “big boys” move to increase charges may mean the independent traveller returning to using traditional travel agencies. Another maybe an increase in independent travellers booking their vacation rentals directly with the owner. We were recently contacted by a potential guest who had found one of our properties on one of the major rental sites, and then through a Google search found the same property here on Let’s Go To Puglia.  Questions were asked about the discrepancy in pricing between the price shown on our website and the price quoted by the rental site. We advertise our vacation rentals at the same price both here and on all the websites on which we advertise.   We did know that some rental sites charge the traveller a commission. It was the amount of the added on commission that left us, and the potential guest, gasping!
Travellers fee charged by big rental websites. Book direct with Puglia Holiday Villas and save moneyYou can of course avoid HomeAway’s planned vacation rentals booking fee to travellers by booking now.

To buck the trend we are offering travellers who book a vacation rental directly with us a discount of 3.5%. Book Casa Mare or Villa Rosa before 31st January 2016 and quote code DIR2016 and we will automatically discount the price.