Italy opened its borders from 3rd June 2020 and allowed travel between regions for the first time since the Corona Virus lockdown started.  However, there are some requirements that must be carried out by everyone planning on travelling into Puglia, whether from another Italian region or from an EU or Schengen country.

The main requirement is that you register with the Puglia Region and provide information about when and where you are coming from and where you will be staying. In the first few days, more than 20,000 people registered their arrival, or intended arrival in Puglia. 19,271 people from other regions in Italy and 749 from abroad. Source : Press Regione Puglia (in Italian).

What you need to do and how                            Italian Track and Trace App

2020 holiday in Puglia, Government Requirements

In addition to registering your presence, or intended presence, in Puglia, for the first thirty days of your stay you need to keep a list of places visited and people met. Presumably, this means people you spend time with, friends, family and other relatives. If you use location services on your mobile phone, keep the phone with you at all times. This could then help with the list of places visited.

It is also highly recommended that if you download the Italian Track and Trace Contact App, Immuni.

So, what information do you have to have and how do provide it. It’s quite simple, you can provide the information using a self-certification form online. [ Jump to Autosegnalazione coronavirus ]. The form is written in both Italian and English. To see what information is requested take a look at the table below. We will send any relevant information to our guests a few days before their arrival date. 

Codice Fiscale Social Security Number
Nome First name
Cognome Last name
Data di nascita Date of birth
Paese di residenza Country of Residence
Comune di alloggio / domicilio / residenza in Puglia City of accommodation/ domicile / residence where you are staying in Puglia
Indirrizo di alloggio / domicilio / residenza in Puglia Address of accommodation/ domicile / residence where you are staying in Puglia
Telefono fisso Landline phone number, if any
Altro telefono (fisso o mobile) Phone number (landline or mobile)
Email Email
Lo spostamento avviene con altri component del nucleo familiare? Does the move take place with other family members?
Professione Occupation type
Paese di provenienza Home country
Comune di provenienza Home town
Data di arrivo Arrival date
Ora di arrivo Arrival time
Mezzo di trasporto per l’ingresso in Puglia e/o raggiungere l’alloggio Transportation used for reaching your accommodation in Puglia, e.g. air / car rental
Giornate previste di permanenza? The length of your stay

Anyone who enters Puglia for work needs, for health reasons, for reasons of absolute urgency, as well as for the transit and transport of goods and for the entire production chain from and to Puglia does not need to complete the form.

Immuni Track and Trace App

According to the FAQs, the Immuni App uses Bluetooth Low Energy, does not use location services or GPS data. It also doesn’t and cannot collect any personal information that would identify the user.

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A simplified explanation of the app is given:

“Alice installs the Immuni app. Her smartphone starts sending a Bluetooth Low Energy signal that contains a random code. It does this on a continuous basis. The same goes for Marco. When Alice and Marco are in close proximity, their smartphones mutually store each other’s random code, taking note of that event. Their phones also note how long the event lasted and the approximate distance between the two devices.

The codes are generated randomly, and they don’t contain any information about the user or their device. They also change several times each hour, protecting user privacy even more.

Let’s suppose that Marco later tests positive for SARS-CoV-2. Thanks to the help of a healthcare operator, Marco is able to transfer some cryptographic keys to a server. From these keys, it is possible to derive Marco’s random codes.

For each user, the app regularly downloads all the new cryptographic keys sent to the server by those users who tested positive for the virus. The app uses these keys to derive their random codes and checks if any correspond to those stored in the device memory from previous days. As such, Alice’s app will find Marco’s random code, it will check the length and the distance of the contact to evaluate the risk of an infection, and, if necessary, it will notify Alice.”