Since we wrote about the Puglia Region requirements for visitors to Puglia this summer there has been some further clarification to the requirements.

In brief, they are :

  • For families, only one form need be submitted by an adult representative of the family.
  • You only have to give the address of the first place that you will be staying in Puglia.
  • If you stay in more than one place the additional places should be added to your list of movements.
  • ** Once you have completed the form save it as a PDF and email it to the prevention department of the A.S.L of the province in which you are staying.  If you are resident in Puglia then you should send the document to your doctor.
  • The form must be kept with you for the duration of your stay in Puglia in either hard copy or as a PDF stored digitally.
  • You must keep a list of all places visited during your stay in Puglia including bars, restaurants, beaches, cultural attractions etc.
  • The list is private and should only be presented to the health authorities if you become involved in a contact track and trace operation.
  • The list should include the names of people whose identity is known.
  • The list can be destroyed after thirty days have passed.
  • The use of the IMMUNI app is strongly recommended, in ADDITION to the tracking activities mentioned above,

You can review the original document here. It is written in Italian and English, scroll down for the English version.

** If you are staying at Casa Mare send your document to Brindisi Province, if you are staying at Villa Rosa send it to Lecce Province. For other regions in Puglia use this link  
Brindisi –
Lecce –