Why would you choose vacation rental instead of booking a hotel for your holiday? That’s a question you might well be asking yourself as the holiday booking season gets under way. It seems that more and more holiday makers are choosing the vacation rental option.

Which will you choose, Vacation Rental or Hotel?

Puglia Holiday Villa or Puglia Holiday Hotel - which will you choose?According to an article in The Fiscal Times the number of travellers staying in a vacation rental rather than go opting for a hotel has doubled. Certainly if our early bookings for this year are anything to go by vacation rentals are definitely on the up and up.

So why would you choose a vacation rental rather than book a hotel room. First we will look at the general reasons for choosing vacation rental wherever you choose to go.


Puglia Holiday Villa or Puglia Holiday Hotel - which will you choose?Perhaps the most obvious reason is price … as hotel prices increase a villa rental becomes more attractive price wise. For example, six people staying in Casa Mare in peak season will pay under £40 a night per person. For a hotel with swimming pool prices start at around £115 a night. That’s an extra cost of over £1000 for six people in a hotel as opposed to six in a villa rental. You can save more if you book direct with us or if you book before the end of January to avoid rental websites add on charges that may be arriving soon,

“People are starting to see how far their money takes them with vacation rentals versus hotels.”
Jen O’Neal, CEO and founder of Tripping.com


Seasoned travellers tell us that choosing one of the reasons for choosing a vacation rental is quite simply ….more space. With most vacation rentals you get the benefit of a living area as well as one or more bedrooms. Two bedroom rentals work well for families or two to four friends sharing, three bedroom +  vacation rentals are great tor multi generational family trips. For grandparents, their children and their grand children taking a vacation together is a great way to spend quality time together. A vacation rental can offer a home from home environment where the generations can relax and enjoy themselves rebuilding family bonds that busy lives often don’t seem to have enough time.

Amenities Included

The best vacation rentals offer the same amenities and more than many hotels and at no extra charge. Free unlimited wifi internet, gardens, swimming  pool, films and tv programmes on demand, concierge service are just some of the extras offered by the best vacation rentals. Check that you get the basics too …. bed linens, towels, utilities included. Washing machines and dish-washers make life easy, leaving you all your time to enjoy your vacation.


Our guests have told us that one of the things they like most about vacation rental holidays is having their privacy respected. HomeAway’s current branding “The whole House …. The whole family…. A whole holiday™”   reflect both the desire for privacy and the potential for the multi generational family vacation.

Combining meeting our guests desire for privacy and being able to provide help and assistance when needed is a balancing act that we think we have perfected. As one of our regular guests says “Bob and Debbie are a bit like the Casa Mare cats, you hardly know they are there, except when you need them and they pop up like magic,”


Part of visiting another country is to explore the local and regional food and eating out is a great way to do it. However many travellers do not want to have to eat out every day whether it’s in the hotel restaurant or local restaurant. Before moving to Puglia we travelled frequently whether on business or for pleasure we loved eating out, but not every night!

With a vacation rental you can choose to eat at home whenever you want  to. Buy food in a local market, have a bbq, make a party of it. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cook ….  many vacation rentals including our own Casa Mare and Villa Rosa  have local restaurants that provide an order and pick up service, and not just for pizza!

Or you might choose to spend the day out and about exploring the area taking time for a great lunch in a special restaurant. Followed by an evening at your vacation rental, sitting by the pool with a cold glass of wine (from the fridge – no mini bar prices here) with snacks, cheese and salumeria from the market. Perfect … Puglia Perfect,

 Availability and Location

Many smaller hotels, especially here in the Salento region of Puglia will not accept bookings  of less than two weeks, sometimes longer in the peak season. Those that do book up fast. A vacation rental will generally offer minimum stays of 7 days and most are flexible on arrival and departure days.

The majority of resort hotels tend to be in the more built up areas of whichever holiday destination you choose. If you prefer a quieter location you may well do better to consider a vacation rental rather than a hotel.

Vacation Rental with a difference

What makes a vacation rental a “vacation rental with a difference?” We believe it is having the best of both worlds. The price-saving, space and flexibility of a vacation rental with all the amenities that a hotel offers, and more, and a concierge / tour guide service available to use if you wish.

Whichever type of holiday accommodation you choose, where ever you chose to go we wish you a “una buona vacanza.”