Puglia Activities - Wine tours and tasting, not to be missed

We have been on several half-day wine tours with the Puglia Wine School and always thoroughly enjoyed them. We really recommend that you add the wine tour to your holiday “must do” list!

10 top tips to get the best from wine tours in Puglia

On one such wine tour we were picked up from our villa and taken, in an air-conditioned people carrier to the first of three winerys.

During the drive our guide shared with us her extensive knowledge of both the local area and Puglia wine making. During the visit to each of the three diverse winerys, our guides were on hand to translate for non-italian speakers. We visited the ancient storage areas in one winery then marvelled at the highly automated modern bottling plant at another. We were treated to an interesting discussion with the international marketing manager at the third.

Of course we tasted wine at all three, and we certainly bought wine to take home! And to end a perfect wine tour experience we then had lunch in a local restaurant where wines from the winerys we had visited were on the wine list!

Take one of the tailored wine tours at the beginning of your vacation, you’ll be able to buy exquisite wines at very good prices to enjoy during your vacation. If you have room in your luggage, take some home to!

If you prefer to visit just one winery we are happy to arrange that for you. We will also accompany you if you would like us to. A one winery visit is perhaps more suitable if you have young children with you.