A great day out for children and adults a like. The Fasano Zoo Safari and Amusement Park is 45/60 minutes drive from our villas. Take the Lecce – Brindisi super-strada and the SS379 towards Bari. As you approach Fasano the Zoo Safari is clearly sign-posted.

When you arrive at the park, take the Zoo Safari entrance. Ticket price for 2017 is €23.00 per person, €20.00 for children between the ages of 4 and 10, and under 1.4 metres in height. Children under 4 and under 1 metre in height go free.

For us the Zoo Safari was the absolute highlight of the day! As you start to drive around the wild life park you can keep the car windows open. Entrances to the dangerous animal ahead are secured and you close the windows before entering each secure area. We saw deer, goats, lions (secure area), elephants, tigers (secure area), brown bears (secure area), llamas, giraffes, camels, bison (I think), ostriches and zebras. And not just one or two of each, but whole families.

Lake of the Large Mammals

After the wild life park, park your car and take the pedestrian entrance into the zoo and amusement park. Our next visit was to the “Lake of the Large Mammals”, getting there via a short ride on a small train. Here we saw polar bears, rhinos, hippos and gibbons on an island in the middle of the lake. We stopped here for lunch, there are cafés and bars dotted around the park whenever you are ready for rest and refreshment.

While we were walking around the Lake of Large Mammals we spotted the Monkey Train, This too is included in your ticket price.

Monkey Village

To visit the Monkey Village, the tables are turned. We boarded a small road train with carriages enclosed in wire mesh. When all the visitors were on board the doors were tightly locked. Before you join the monkey train be shire to buy some peanuts to feed the monkeys. Each row of seats in the monkey train has feeder tubes down which you can drop your peanuts.

As soon as everyone is on board and the carriages secured the train drives into monkey village. The monkeys come running immediately and swarm all over the carriage grabbing peanuts from the feeder tubes.

As we were leaving the park we were treated to a grand finale, an acrobatic display performed by a pair of gibbons.

Included in the ticket price are
• Safari Park (in your own vehicle)
• Puglia in Miniature trail
• Lake of the Large Mammals
• Monkey Village
• Tropical Room and Butterfly Exhibition
• Ornithological Exhibition
• Botanical Trail
• Exhibit of Ancient Guns and Weapons
• Paleonthological Exhibit
• Museum of ths Starting Handle

Zoo Safari